I won’t let the little efforts go to waste.

Everyone starts off with unequal footing in our society.

For Emily*, she came through a childhood of divorce and uncertainty. Just as she stepped into adulthood, she fell victim to sexual assault, resulting in her first pregnancy. It did not stop there. She experienced domestic violence as her partner turned abusive upon knowing that she was pregnant with her second child, pushing her to live on the streets temporarily as she fled for her safety.

Emily is now a 27-year-old single mother of 2 children, both of whom she is unable to claim as her own under the Singapore state’s law. The events she encountered earlier in her life resulted in a series of struggles and circumstances — financial and housing instability amongst others — she continues to live with.

Yet, Emily remains full of hope for the life that lies ahead for her and her children even as she is constantly trying to make ends meet.

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