I’ve been aware of the Urban Poverty situation in Singapore from short clips on the television and social media posts, but I didn’t know how it was like fully and now that I understand what mostly goes on in such families, my heart aches in the form of sympathy. It has been a moral value in me to help an individual out if I am able to, be it a stranger or a close friend. So I would be willing to be of at least a little assistance to families facing urban poverty and I would start with those living in the same flat. Honestly, I would try not to be recognised as I believe the act of kindness is more important than having a social status. I wouldn’t want them to feel bad too and that they would try to repay me. I would share food from previous cooking if there is enough to spare, leaving a note to state reasons for doing so with well wishes. :D I also wouldn’t mind making it a point to spend a few dollars a day to buy supplies if it helps them get through the day :> Best wishes!! :D
Isaac Ong