Hello! I hope that you are doing fine! Even if you are not… Don’t worry things will get better over time. You can do it! You will have my support! Please do talk to someone you are comfortable with ad share with them your problem, unhappiness or even your happiness. It is good to share your thoughts and feelings with someone instead of keeping it to yourself and letting the burden pile up even more. If your results are not good, don’t worry about it. My results are horrible too! Just know that your results do not determine your future. As long as you do not give up, and hold on to your values, you will do fine in life, you have done so well over the years, I am sure you can do well in the future years! Well done! Just know that not everything is your fault, and things will change, give it some time, continue to put in effort and you will see a difference. You have ALL our support!