Giving a Listening Ear

It doesn't take much to support each other. Even lending a listening ear can go a long way in building a stronger community.

Expanding Opportunities & Network

Building Social Capital allows us to Expand our networks and open more doors in the future!

Sharing Our Love and Our Skills

Skills, knowledge, and assistance can be shared with the people around us. This lets our community grow and prosper together.

Reaching Out In Times of Need

Cooperation helps our community tide over tough times, especially in moments of need.

Appreciate Structural Facilities

Shared spaces such as libraries, playgrounds, and even lift lobbies provide opportunity for connecting with each other.

Caring for Others

Building a community that exemplifies care and concern for each other promotes a sense of trust and belonging.

Every Little Bit Helps

Even the smallest step towards the distribution of social capital is a step in the right direction.

Design adapted from original illustrations by Artese Studios

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