Purely due to coincidence.

Me being in The Hidden Good (THG) was purely due to coincidence. It all started in 2013. I just wanted to help out in the haze as the haze that year was really bad. What started out as a short stint in lending a helping hand ended up in a "short" 2 year (and counting) stint. I first joined THG because I saw too many situations where strangers help each other out, but all I see on social media was how bad Singaporeans or strangers are to each other. After working with THG that one time, I saw the good that they sought out to do and decided to offer my help. I started out helping out with small roles and slowly gave more and more. Being with THG allowed me to fill my social media with positive stuff that strangers do for each other and brings people of the same thinking together. That is how THG has grown in the time I have joined and I hope it continues to spread positivity both in the virtual and the real world so that in future, I may look to strangers doing good for one another without expecting anything in return and tell myself, "Hey, I contributed to that."

I am really thankful for all the wonderful opportunities given to me by the team and I am proud of the growth of The Hidden Good. I am proud to be part of this wonderful organisation. If you have the same thinking as us and want to contribute to the country we call home, don't hesitate to contact us as we are always looking for more friends!