Thank you Singapore!

For a start, I am a foreigner working in Singapore for quite a while now. What really reminds me is a particular situation. A necessary one where I helped a person who is now successful today. He is a foreigner from India and worked in Singapore. He worked as a chef, and a very good one at that. One thing about him is that one of his legs is not functional. He was working at the airport, but one day, his company suddenly ceased operations. He was thrown out of the job. At that time, he did not know what to do and going back home was not an answer. Back in India, it was almost impossible for him to land a job due to his condition.Since I know what it is like feeling hopeless while trying to make a living away from home, I decided to help him. I had some contacts in Australia and they needed someone to work there. However, at that time, his English was not very good. Hence, I helped him with his interview. I assisted him in doing his documentation and did up his CV for him. And he got the job! Today he owns his own restaurant and is very successful. He is a citizen of Australia and speaks good English now! His family is very grateful to me and treats me well up till this day.Both of us are foreigners living away from home and what I learnt is that there is always a silver lining in the cloud. We just need to find a way. There is a lack of opportunities from where I come from and here in Singapore, they pay me based on my merits. I really appreciate that and just want to say, “Thank you Singapore!”
Ek Asra