Championing Doing Good

No stranger to championing doing good for strangers, Azlina has been running #SmileSalamSg since 2018 as a platform to bring smiles to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

For Azlina, a self-committed Kampung Chief, the journey with KampungKakis started with a request from a Chinese elderly woman who contacted her for help regarding a trouble with the TV. She ended up going over to the elderly woman’s house and taught her how to adjust the sound from the tv remote and the cable tv remote.

This incident got Azlina thinking if there are other individuals who are doing the same, offering such help to their neighbours at each housing estate or block, especially those who are not tech savvy.

Chancing upon KampungKakis through social media, Azlina took the opportunity to make KampungKakis her debut platform to organise community events, to bring neighbours together and kindle good relations with each other.

During the circuit breaker, Azlina's work with KampungKakis and #SmileSalamSg also inspired her to start Project Neighbourliness to offer her assistance to those who needed her help. Her efforts at distributing small goodie bags as a way of introduction gathered good and lasting neighbourly connections and responses, especially for the elderlies living alone.

In collaboration with KampungKakis, the Pillars of Support Series presents stories of everyday Singaporeans who demonstrate the strength and impact of individuals when we act, and boldly reimagine and recreate the Singapore we wish to see beyond our individual backgrounds. It speaks of the the relationships we have, the celebration of our shared strength, adaptability and our never-say-die attitudes, and what it truly means to be a Singaporean.

KampungKakis is a neighbourhood buddy system platform that matches residents who need help and those who are willing to help a neighbour based on proximity and needs.

For more information about KampungKakis, visit their website at https://kampungkakis.org/.