Dear self, after all these years you still haven’t really accomplished anything. How upsetting. But I guess it’s okay, I mean you are still young so I hope you do better and be someone useful. I hate you and love you at the same time. I hope you can stop comparing yourself to others, try to be bold although you are afraid of lizards. Just live well and don’t allow regrets to occur all the time. Find strength in pain, find courage to love. Most importantly, be yourself and never change because of others. If they are true to you, they ought to accept you for who you are. Study hard and be happy in whatever you do. Be patient because it is said to be the key to success. No matter how tough or difficult things get, never depend on others because only you can overcome all your problems and emotions. Time heals you, don’t worry. Ashlynn Tan
Ashlynn Tan