A yelo! I’m Candice. Here’s a brief rundown of my journey battling with depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. I was always one to condemn and punish myself ridiculously with the worst verbal abuse. I hated myself and pleaded others to pray for my death because I believed that I should die for the welfare of others. I cut, purged, bruised, and starved myself for years. However, despite it all, god saved me every time. Just like me, there’s redemption and salvation awaiting you dear. You are loved by the highest god and are worthy beyond measure. If god can deliver a wretched soul like me, I'm certain, that you can find solace from him. “But god, being known in mercy, because of the great love with which we loved us, even when we were dead un our trespassers made us alive with Christ – by grace, you have been saved!