Throughout my life, I've faced many challenges and adventures to come this far. My journey is like a hike on a mountain, the path that I hiked on to be my past, the path ahead to be my future, the rocky paths and steep edges to be the challenges I faced or yet to face and the summit of the mountain which is my dream and life goal. Looking back the effort it took me to be who I am now was tiring and tedious. But I could not have done it alone. Choosing to face the obstacle alone almost led me to falling off the mountain and into the world below as I could not handle the challenge. Fortunately, someone saved me from falling. As a teacher, councillor and parent, my mother has watched over me, my every step and helping me in my studies. The amount of effort she put in to make sure I can live a happy life cannot be expressed in words or actions. I can never repay all that she has done or my sister and I but I can forever mother has done for me so that I can continue hiking the mountain and someday reach the summit. Faith Koh
Faith Koh