‘The best of you’. Here I am, on my way back home, and I stumbled upon this gallery – on its last day. And in these 18 yeas of my life, I believe I have truly lived. A featuring I will always be proud of. This achievement is no doubt thanks to my friend of 13 years. You’ve always been such an inspiration to me since our childhood days. Selfless. Affable. Kind. Your appearance in my life has been nothing but a blessing. Serving as a listening ear in this noisy world. A driving force in this stagnant world. It is only because of you that I am the best version of myself today. Taking great leaps in terms of my passion, and also relining my morals. To anyone out there, if you believe in your friends, there is no doubt they will too. Go far in life. LIVE! Stop worrying about ‘what if’s . Be the Best of You.