A wise man once said, “those who can give are not poor”, “everyone who can give are rich”. A girl felt that she was poor constantly felt depressed. Her teacher told her that he found joy in giving. Sharing is caring, we should help the less fortunate in society and allow them to see light amidst the darkness. 正所谓“只有富有的人才能给予,能给予就不贫穷。”有个小女孩很自卑,认为穿布鞋的人都家境贫穷,老师告诉她,脚上穿着布鞋,心里装着别人,最让他幸福。的缺,我们应向社区里教贫穷的人伸出暖手,用一份温暖的心帮助他们,让他们再阴影中看到一些曙光。
Shen Koh