15 ways to self love: 1. Go for a walk 2. Assert needs in all situations 3. Do the things you always wanted to do 4. Smile looking in the mirror instead of criticising yourself 5. Say thank you or well done to yourself for small accomplishments 6. Thank yourself for keeping healthy and alive till this day 7. Be more confident about your body 8. Take a day off to rest all by yourself 9. Develop a morning routine and stick to it 10. Try new things and be more confident 11. Laugh with someone 12. Stick to a healthier diet and choice of food 13. Clean out your closet and sell or donate unused items 14. Get rid of people who upset you a lot 15. Learn to trust your gut, it leads the way Practice self-love. Self-love is tough, know when to pick yourself up and when to be patiently kind.
Yan Fei