Abdul Halim Lazim

How to survive your life will depend on you.

"Life must goes on”….how to survive your life will depend on you.

In November 1995, I was 32years old, and life begin to change. From a fishermen, a
building construction worker and a farmer, my life shifted drastically when I joined
Malayan Flour Mills as a miller assistant back in my home town at Lumut.

My position as miller assistant is to assist the shift Miller’s in the milling process and to take care of all the surrounding areas and ensure safety and sanitation of the place. My job level was the same as a general worker except my scope of responsibilities is on flour milling process.

I have no knowledge nor skill about machineries and milling process During the early years, I have to learn about people, the culture and behavior and have to change myself towards my attitude and habits.

I have to support my big family with a small income and it was very tough at the begining. My wife stays home to look after our children and help them with their school work. I was determine to build a career to become a shift miller and took the challenge to work hard and be obedient to my superiors. Through the years I found this job to be very unique and full of arts, because milling skill is an art! I enjoy the work and was able to see a brighter future after receiving commendations from my superiors that pushes me to desire to be better and improve my milling skills.

Slowly, year by year with my endless learning and hard working attitude, the seed that I planted here is growing and branching out with fruits. I was really determine to excel and waiting patiently for opportunity of promotion.
From a Miller Assistant position in November 1995., I gained promotion to become Assistant Miller in year 2000 and further on to become Shift MILLER in 2005. I took another step forward to move on and joined another company where I am now with as SENIOR MILLER in June 2015. This has been a long journey, FROM ZERO TO HERO right?. But I always remember and keep in my mind this slogan in my heart :
1. Dimana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan
2. Kalau tidak dipecahkan ruyung mana mungkin dapat sagunya.
3. Berakit-rakit kehulu, berenang-renang ketepian. Bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian. And what so ever lahhhh.
It is absolutely true that “ USAHA TANGGA KEJAYAAN “. That’s my principle and must be followed by the next generation too.

My first day with Seberang Flour Mills as Senior Production Executive and I am so thankful for this opportunity and I really appreciate Soon Soon Group in welcoming me to be their families members.
Another new challenge has began, especially with new environment and culture. The most important is my new responsibilities and I sincerely desire to help the company and willing to support my fellow colleagues to sharpen their skills and enriched their knowledge without pride and prejudice. I truly desire to build a close working relationship and formed a strong team and I also hope that our colleagues will take on the new challenges and the opportunity to improve themselves for their future growth.

Abdul Halim Lazim