My friends bring out the best in me!

My life is full of lots of challenges that I try my best to overcome. The people that bring out the best in me and inspire me to do my best, are my friends. Without my friends by my side, I would not have the strength and courage to do what I do today. They are the ones who give me support when my family is not around. When I am upset, I'd call them to chat and they would give me the feeling that everything would be alright again. There are times, when we fight and argue over small matters. And it seems, that sometimes friendships might end.

However, as long as my friendship with my friends have lasted, none of them have completely left me. After every argument, somehow we would make up. My friends are always there for me even in the darkest times. When I was bullied by my classmates in 2014, they were the ones whom I could talk to for I did not feel comfortable talking to my family about it at the time. They were the ones who gave me strength to continue living on and doing my best in school. My grades have been dropping over the past two years, due to medical issues. They did not look down on me, they did not leave me due to my poor grades or say I was getting lousy. Some of them even tried to help me. Whenever I go for surgery, they would tell me I can do it and give me encouragement. Last year, four of my friends even visited me in the hospital just before and after my surgery. It is these little things which encourage me and make me feel happy and confident. They give me encouragement, and bring lots of joy to my life. I appreciate them a lot, though I'm not sure how to show it sometimes.

Sometimes I get too carried away with what I say to them, they may think I sound proud or what ever. But I never intend to hurt their feelings or make them feel bad about themselves. Sometimes, when I go for a performance or something, I just wanted to share my experience. However, I think I might have gotten a bit carried away with the way I expressed it or something. This can sometimes lead to a friend argument and I feel very guilty for I had unknowingly made my friend feel bad about him/herself which is definitely never my intention. But so far, we have always resolved it and they really are the ones who, apart from my family, bring me lots of happiness, joy and laughter. Yes, my friends bring out the best in me!

Photo from Unseen Art Ltd.
Adelyn Koh