Adrian & Melinda Chong

Social enterprise plants seed of hope for twins with Autism.

Alex and Benjamin is a pair of 18yr-old twins with autism, they are from a family of 6. Although they are twins, they cannot be more different - Alex is a perfectionist and task oriented and he will complete all task given to him with great pride and determination- great work qualities much appreciated at PLove. Benjamin is a fast learner and a computer whiz. He embraces all the latest gadgets and navigates them like a pro. He also loves listening to oldies for recreation.

Alex and Benjamin were selected for training with Personalised Love in 2014 and training requires the twins to be focused, concentrating on details and following directions. After the initial weeks of training, the twins have improved in attending to task, finishing with greater patience and determination. They even glow with pride when they see their handicrafts completed.

Besides training sessions, Personalised Love also engages the trainees socially. They were being trained as facilitators in events and workshops, which gives them the platform to interact with the community and allow them to learn social skills.

PLove has planted the seed of hope in their lives. The rigorous training and the patient nurturing of good work habits and attitudes have made a difference in the lives of my twin boys.

Note: This story is written on behalf of Alex and Benjamin by their parents Adrian and Melinda Chong.
Adrian & Melinda Chong