Agnes Tang Siew Eng

I love you, my dear friend

About My BFF (Eng & Fiet)

Cepatnya masa berlalu. My bff Fiet is come from Kedah and my name is Eng from Sarawak. Kami telah berkawan selama 11 tahun. We will always celebrate our friendship anniversary. We start know each others when enter first day university(MSU). Fiet sangat malu dan seorang pendiam. At first right kami memang x sebulu.. Gaduh is always happen sampai nak putus kawan pun pernah and we staying together 4 years, sharing makan and masak sekali(but mostly saya yang banyak masak and fiet sedia bahan).

And the most x boleh lupa we always will sharing each other problem and feeling dekat bawah pokok. Perasaan waktu itu sangat best sampai boleh sembang sampai 2 3 pagi okey! hahaha! Even we not staying each other now we still will meet every month sebab memang akan rindu each other. Yang pasti fiet memang kawan waktu susah dan senang. Even we always gaduh, salah seorang mesti akan mengalah and memujuk balik. Yang pasti Eng sorang yang sangat garang ya!haha! Kalau bab pergi jalan, both of us memang suka. Tapi Eng ni x berapa lasak kalau adventure sangat. And Fiet is hiking lovers.

But one thing yang agak same is apa yang saya suka or fiet suka at the end mesti same2 akan suka punya. Bab makan memang on all the time.Can say 90% tu same la bab food ni.. Ramai kawan yang ask, how you can bff with Malay? actually i REALLY NO ISSUE WITH THAT..For me, as long we really respect each other is really no issue. I also quite close with Fiet family.. They treat me like own family and let me learn their culture very well. I am so lucky to have her as my BFF... :) Now both of us still in mission fat to fit!. Dulu both of us sangat bambam and now consider a bit loss kg but our journey still long way to go. Hopefully one day our mission will achieve just for our health.Anyway one thing i really sayang this BFF because she always can support me, persuade me, even can tahan kena marah with me, guide me whenever i really need someone at my behind.

I love you My Dear Friend, Cik Fitrah Binti Abdul Razak..
Agnes Tang Siew Eng