Obstacles may occur.

Obstacles may occur. Weather you like it or not. The most important thing how you will face it. Be brave to face the problem.. Allah always be with you. Indulge , submit and rely on him. The best solution ever. He may not talk directly to you, but you can feel it . He always provide you the solutions. Look deep into your heart, you'll find it. The calmness and the peace which could not be paid by any money in the world. It's priceless. He always be the ONE.Remember...at the end of the storm, there's always be a beautiful rainbow . Be positive, everything will turn positive. Don't stress out your life, because life is too precious to be waste. Enjoy your life, every bit, breath, time and moments because you know what, we can't buy it in any stores in the world even how wealthy you are..So, love yourself because you're really worth it. Smile, be grateful, and always remember Allah always be at your side. Take care to all of you out there. May Allah bless you always. :)
Aidayuwati Abdullah