Aiken Matthew Chia

The love that I received brings out the best of me.

We are a group of Parkinson patients and caregivers who have been attending Jennifer Chung's taiji classes at Parkinson Society Singapore at Bishan.

Jennifer gives very clear instructions and takes pains to explain each movement and its benefits to participants. She patiently repeats her instructions to be sure that all participants are able to follow the movements.

She knows each participant well and closely monitors their progress, often suggesting movements that are suitable and beneficial to that individual without compromising the quality of the technique. In her instructions, she emphasises safety and supervision especially if participants were to practise at home.

Many participants have reported better sleep at night after a session of taiji with Jennifer. With her encouragement, many participants do practise at home to maintain their posture and dexterity.

Jennifer is truly professional and sincere in imparting her knowledge of tai chi to her students. She hosts an annual Christmas party for all her Parkinson students at her own expense. We feel her sincerity, care and concern.
Aiken Matthew Chia