Spread love not hate.

Hi, would like to share about one of maid that im know so well for a long time, she live near my home, although she's just a maid, her manners, and like to help people i guess, so amazing. Althought she just my neighbour maid, she always helping people near her by look out for their pet and clothes when others not in their home, give some food to cats and call us if we forget to "angkat jemuran" if raining, but im feel really bad/ sad sometime if i see her, she such like a mommies, love to give smile to others, help to watering our plants unfortunately her employee always "marah-marah'', pukul sometimes, like abuse. our family already take responsibility for that case and now, she's already die almost 2 years now caused by DENGGI, i just want to say here is be good to other, everybody is human, lets have some space for them at least said "Please" and "thank you" and its not waste any money if you spread love not hate .
Ain Rais