How I appreciate my life.

Hi this is my not really inspired story, but i want to share a bit about how i appreciate my life. I lost my mother when i was 17, that time i was not really expecting she left me when i have to seat for SPM exam that year. And i was so down and really sad to believe that my mother won't be here with me anymore, but i need to accept it. Then my brother only one that i have and i know he would safe me for being alone without mak around. So i went to the college (msu) it is quite expensive but my brother really want to me to go there. he dont really care about money and he said "abang nak kamu belajar je duit abg yg fikir". eventhough i know ho hard his life now. he always want the best for me. But the sad thing is abg get fired from the company, that's the starting of financial problem for abg and also me. but he manage to give me a duit belanja every month eventhough its not even enough for me. Then i started working and find a money to pay my own fees and makan minum. i did a lot of job until tasha told me about The Best of You movement need a helper so i decided to join them yeah i will say this movemen really exhausted but i gain a lot of expirience when people want to share their stories with me. i really happy to see people inspired me to cheerish my life and be happy of what you face through because i realize i got my brother and other family friends like tasha and topek in my life , keep faith and keep pray !
Ainur Amalina