Bring the best of you.

Appreciation is what we sought in what we do. In different forms based on our preference and how we address issues. As an artist I love to have my works to be appreciated by people around me. But It is sad realising sometimes appreciation can only come from recognition and material means.

I went ahead doing something that is literally out of my comfort zone just to achieve my dream as an artist. I sacrificed a lot to be where I am today and I am willing to sacrifice more to keep doing this. If people can't appreciate what I did, I know it is not my problem to make them do. Most important is I appreciate my own time and effort reaching to this point of my. If it is not me, how do I expect others to do so.

To whoever out there, struggling to achieve their dreams. Don't give up. Bring the best out of you. Appreciate all the things that you've done and what you have gone through. Others will see how far you've become and in return they will appreciate you.
Ajim Juxta