Ajim  Juxta

I don't plan of quitting till the day I apply the final stroke.

I have always wanted to become an artist.

Unfortunately, the environment I was in doesn't exactly permit me to do so. Entered drawing competitions back when I was a kid and never won any of it. Ever since Primary school, Secondary and college days, it has always been about academic results. Scoring in math and science subjects, stressing on on-paper achievements, that was my main objective whether I like it or not. Even so, all that never stopped me from having that dream.

After I graduated from Architecture school and worked for a few years, it was the trying time for my family and I when my late father was diagnosed with cancer. He only started painting for a few years to fill his time after his retirement. After battling the said disease for more than 2 long years, he passed away and I inherited most of his art equipments: easels , brushes, acrylic colours and palettes. They were enough for me to start painting seriously and kickstart my career as an artist.

Without looking back, I will keep on doing this, living up my dream as it has always been my father's dream too. I don't plan of quitting till the day I apply that final stroke.
Ajim Juxta