No one inspires me more than my father.

There are many people who inspire me but no one inspires me more than my father. Most artists would remember their first colouring book. Mine was bought by my father. He encouraged me to paint and draw even with just 12 color pencils. As I finished colouring one, I would pass it back to him enthusiastically. He continually bought more colouring books for me to explore my creative side. From a past time and hobby, it has evolved into a chosen career. Since then, I haven't stopped pursuing it. After I graduated from UiTM with Bachelor in Fine Arts, I became a full time artist. There was a moment in time when I thought becoming a famous artist is important. But my father has taught me the importance of inspiring other people around me with my art. Furthermore, my brother has autism and I have seen him going through difficulties in various routine activities. As I believe my art can help him in certain ways, it has led me to involve myself in community projects and encourage others to do the same.

Practicing this, I am reminded of what my father has taught me and he will always be an inspiration in everything I do. Aleff Ahmad.
Aleff Ahmad