It takes practice, really.

Hello, my name is Alfi Eddie. I am currently working as a full-time civil servant. I was formerly from Temasek Polytechnic School Of Design, graduated with a Diploma in Environment Design. Ever since, it has brought out the best of me.

Even though as a design student, photography started as a post-graduation hobby, I remember vividly, and my first camera was a canon digital camera; a point and shoot camera. I started bringing my camera wherever I go, snapping pictures whatever catches my eye. Since then I slowly develop an eye for photography. It takes practice, really. My first real camera was an Olympus pen series (and now I own an Olympus OMD series), that was when I started learning and practicing the different lenses and its uses; playing with shutter speeds and apertures.‘Bokehlicious’ picture excites me like a little boy enjoying his favorite cartoon.

#Shrinkthepeople came about while I was daydreaming, sitting inside the SBS bus, I was imagining life in an alternate world as super small humans and soon after my all time favorite childhood TV series “Honey I shrunk the kids!” appeared in mind. That’s when Voila! Shrinking humans as the subject of my pictures came about!

As the series goes by, I enhance my skills via online tutorials. I try my best to keep the series and its subjects as real as possible as if it is a real life occurrence. Minor details such as where the sun shines, the subject’s shadow, it plays a vital part in making the picture come alive.

Soon after, I thought of having others (people) as part of my series. I started posting questions on my social media in regards to like “How would you live your life in #shrinkthepeople series?” the response was overwhelming, people started responding with quirky imaginative answers and most of them responded on how they would go back in time playing their childhood toys as a shrunken human. In the process, I made new friends and people were ever encouraging and supportive of my photography concept, it was something fresh and unique for them. People were actually looking forward to what was coming next in the series.

This series made me appreciate of how photography could express emotions, thoughts, and imaginations. Bringing what is impossible possible. How a respond from someone shows how a person is as a child, and making them reminiscing their childhood brings back fond and happy memories to the individuals.

Photography is the best of me because I love how I am able to connect people with my pictures, and how I am able to express my ideas, imaginations making it come alive.
Alfi Eddie