I was really flustered.

To all my fellow friends & Colleague, I would like to share on one of my past which I had done.

It's about a case back then in the year of 1990, while I was working in the company based in Malacca. One morning, I was told that one of my fellow colleague staff's wife was admitted in the hospital and was short of blood due to giving birth. I was really flustered. Hence, I call up a few of our colleagues and we went to the hospital on the same day itself to donate our blood. Although we do not know whom of our blood type is compatible to that colleague staff wife's blood, but we know that we still get to donate our blood to the people who needs it. Because who knows that one day our blood is able to save one's life. After a couple of days, we heard that both his wife and the baby is save and sound. They had a healthy baby boy, which is their third child. And now he is already 22 years old. This experience which I had is really unforgettable and it feels great to be able to help others. Therefore, it brought out the best of me.
Ambrose Goh Chee Teck