Amy Amin

This was a decision with no regrets at all.

Most people think of painting as a past time activity, a hobby and merely as something to do in one’s free time. Uncommonly, not many see it as a life’s quest. In which, I on the other hand have chosen how I perceive and appreciate the art, as a personal goal and my life’s mission. Undeniably, having a white collar job with a fixed monthly salary is the common path throughout these days.
Art, and in all of its sense is the path I consciously chose as my journey. It is very challenging, and indeed filled with unexpected obstacles. These are merely chapters to fulfilling my dreams and compared to other jobs, this was a decision with no regrets at all

To me, I have a strong belief that for one to become a great artist, she or he must possess self-discipline, good time management skills and a strong character, in which that for all of these traits to evolve, we need to be hardworking. As an artist, I must always be alert and be aware for any possibilities and opportunities. In doing so, I get to do what I love the most. At the same time, it teaches me to become a wiser person as a whole.

Till now, I enjoy having to listen to the different interpretations from the spectators or viewers. These responses trigger my work in many ways as some view them with thinking that something is wrong with the painting, some look at it feeling joyful, entertained and sometimes, the painting surprises and amazes them. I find great joy in this, through the responses people give, I receive wisdom and better understanding about the human complexities. This entire experience itself symbolizes vastness of the human intellect and altered senses produced by art.

I understand the demands I have to endure in this journey. As a career and for professional success, it is still a long journey ahead, there is a lot that I still need to learn, many other individuals I need to meet and collaborate with and many more artworks I need to produce and create. Along the way, I am very thankful and blessed by having a supportive family, with both my parents who have always been my inspiration and a husband who understands me.
Amy Amin