Being the reason why I shine brightly today.

My family was pretty simple; Dad and Mum working to feed us while my sister and i strive to do our best in school. Our lives were simple, but we were contented with what we had. However, as our parents were busy with work, we never had the time and opportunity to bond much with them. They took care of our necessities, but that was about it. "Family time" was never emphasized and we usually minded our own businesses. Life was like that for me until i turned eleven.

On September 2008, my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The news shocked all of us as there was not any family history of it. I was too young at that time to fully realize what cancer meant and what it could do to my mother. I still remember the day my sister told me about it and she told me not to cry about it, and i did not. Until now, i still could not figure out why i did not cry over it. Was it because of oblivion or hope? I do not know.

7 years have passed by since my mum was diagnosed and she is well and happy. She has found her faith in Christianity and i am happy to see her happy. My family has bonded a lot ever since. I like to think that my mum's illness has brought out the best in us. My father became more patient and less temperamental, my sister argued less with her and is spending more time with her, and as for me, i am still learning to be more patient and understanding with her each day. Even though we have our differences, I still try to interact and spend more time with her as much as i can and shower her with the love she deserves.

My mother brought out the best in us and we are grateful for her presence. Thank you mummy for being the reason why i shine so brightly today.