Always be grateful and be positive in our life.

growing up as a little brat always have been wonderful. everything that i ever asked for, will eventually be mine. just a matter of time, but it will be mine. whenever i feel down or something ever bothered me, i will just like run to my parents and and sibling for a cry of help. this past few days, reading all those posted stories, listening to all the crew and customers stories has made me realized how blessed my life has been. i always thought that i am the unlucky person alive. any difficulties have i encounter in life ending with a thought 'why me? why is it always have to be me to face all this suddenness and hurtful journey? why do i have to be the most hurtful and heartbroken girl ever?' but this movement have open my eyes to always be grateful about your life. there are many others who are more unlucky and unhappy than i am. what ever things that encounter in your life, be grateful because there so many people around this world who actually want our life. this past few days really inspire me a lot. i think i finally gain a new perspective in life. always be grateful and be positive in our life. after all, we do want a happy life.