Art is an expression of the heart.

Art is an expression of the heart. A representation of one’s true self which is probably why it can take 10 years or more to truly understand a painting or that a painting can ignite a lifetime long discussion and emotion. For me, art is an outlet for the everyday stress in life. I’m in my 14th year of a career in finance and investment and it is a very competitive and dynamic industry, it gets tiring and can sometimes take the soul out of you.

I picked up a color pencil somewhere in the 11th year of my working life (and at the ripe age of 33) and it was a life-changing move. There was a sudden discovery of unadulterated and truly simple joy. There was creation and achievement, therefore emotional satisfaction, from the act of making art. The art I make may not seem to make sense to other people, and at times, does not even make sense to me. However, the “sense” of it is not why I make art. I make it for just that. It represents “The Best of Me”.

This then brings me to why I started teaching art (specifically Acrylic Pouring) to others. I wanted to share the joy I experienced. I wanted people to know that it did not matter who they were, what they did, or what problems they had. There is a way in this world, outside of the spoken word, that allowed them to express themselves. With the right tools, encouragement and frame of mind, there is an artist in all of us. However simple or difficult the form of art, it does not matter as long as you feel connected with what you are doing. Forget social stigma, forget the drive for everything to have meaning, and the need for everything to be perfect. Just do it!
Arhnue Tan