Being honest is always good.

when I was primary 1 the school was fun with friends and teacher and primary 2 I move to another school because my sister is there.First I make a lot of friends and it was fun untill I have a fight with one of my friend so I tell my sister when the problem stop they started to talk back about me and it was really sad .They said I am being pampered because I like to tell everything to my sister.For 4 years I have been treated like that when I was primary 6 I started to realise maybe it was real .So I did something thats always been in my mine 'being honest is always good' I tell my friends I was sorry and my enemy started to be bestfriends so I realise being ego is not gonna solve the problem . Now I am in secondary school everybody loves me and my life is perfect they respect me so do I.
Arysha Amir