My art celebrates the journey of change and transformation.

My journey began at the school of “Hard Knocks” as a tattoo artist. My interest developed further as I was exposed to the different artforms, from sculpting to batik painting to the possibilities afforded by canvas. My art celebrates the journey of change and transformation, from the days when the tool of choice was a syringe to the present-day paintbrush.
Since discovering this outlet of expression through art, life has been far removed from the times of struggling with self and substance abuse. Today, I am living my dream as a full-time artist at 5seventeen Studio Gallery and have had my works displayed not only in Singapore, but in various places overseas as well. My inspiration stems from the story of “The Boy and The Starfish”, which shares a central with my mission in life.
It reveals the heart of a boy who makes a difference to each stranded starfish that he rescues at low tide. This reflects my conviction in seeing the value in myself and others, and in not giving up no matter how unfavourable the odds. Through my art, I hope to spur others to pay it forward – to reach out, lend a hand, rekindle passions and live this life to its fullest.
Barry Yeow