An experience that shaped me to who I am today.

I once promised someone that I would share my story here. Here it goes....

From a young age, I grew up in a normal family I would say. We were not very rich, but my parents always provided for my needs. I had everything I needed growing up, being more fortunate compared to many, however I was never satisfied. I always wanted and asked for more.
At the age of 15 I started getting into trouble a lot, I did not do well in my studies and spend a lot of time doing things I should not be doing. At this age I was thrown into a lock up cell for 7 hours and waited for my parents to bail me out, I did not feel guilty or anything when I was inside. Everything changed when I saw my parents after the 7 hours, the disappointment and sadness in their eyes I could not help but noticed. Things became different from that day, I appreciated my family more everything they had given to me. I always did my best hoping to make them proud one day. I finally did when I managed to get a scholarship when I entered Polytechnic, that was the first time I actually felt I did my parents proud. That day I will never forget.
Even though the story does not seem like the best part of me or anything. But is an experience that has shaped me to who I am today, the better part of me was shaped due to the experience. The best of you may not be your most glamorous or proud moment in your life but to me this is the best of me!