After I met this person, things started to change.

Let me start by telling a bit of myself before I go on to The Best Of You.

Few years back as im a very normal and a simple person with a very simple mindset.did

not have a dream nor a vision.I can just think that I will work and get paid and then just buy anything

that I like.just like there were no pressure no worries.

After I met this person things started to change,not drastically but slowly,a change within myself,

people perception towards me and the most importantly the soul inside me.

Hes my current boss Mr Micheal Mah, hes not from a very rich background,hes a bad egg too

past times.he always want us to follow his footsteps because hes already a succeccor from

another successful person Mr Andrew Tan.

He wanted us to become like him too houses,cars,etc.

Pray for you and his colleague when hes wake up or alone driving.Lets recap back ask yourself

didn any1 in ur life or you have go thru any1 who is not ur relatives,not any1 which got blood

connection with u..which hes only a superior and a friend to you would pray to Lord Jesus for you…

.ur healty ue wealth and ur job…yes you may have but very seldom and very rare.

for amtin years hes keep giving encouraging words,teaching wisdom,giving opportunities…

without fail he will keep remind you,support you even you have fail him all these while and hes still

laying a hand to hold you off the ground.

everything he teaches is the tools and key towards the next level success.

not only work its apply also on our personnal attitude,manners,diciplane,attitude,responsibility

decision making and lots moe.

Personnal attitude - Don’t over do,everything does have a limit,don’t go beyond that limit.

Manners - your attire which applies to men buy specify most to woman/ladies,dress to look professional

not dress to kill.

Dicipline - he even press on us to greet good morning when seed him or anyone in the office,

not because he like us to greet him is that he would want to teach us dicipline,just like at home

greeting father and mother is a must.if u did not do in office means u will not greet at home too.

frankly in this era how many people really greets their parents.? This is where we forgot

and Mr Mah bring us back and emind us a simple greetings will make whole lots of difference.

responsibilities - he would always want us to take part in responsibilities this is the key that bring

us up.take part inresponsibilities means not hold you for responsiblle.

decision making - also tought us to make decision dosent matter the decision is right or wrong

if decision is wrong leave with it,learn from it.

I will stop here for now,if I goes on it will take 10 more sheets for me to type.

of course as a boss he wouls schold,there a day he schold us for not doing something right,

very fiercely..very very fierce….and dissapointment within him towards us.

he schold us not because of the things we did not do it right,hes angry is because

of we still didn’t catch nor know what he wnts for so many years under him.

hes dissapoint is because of that we still not able to rise up to be the next level.

this is the only thigs that hes comcern.want all of us to be somebody in this orgainsation.

and very lastly im very greatful he bought me to know Lord Jesus.

for so many years without fail he told me about Lord Jesus but I didn’t really listen,and didn’t really

put my heart on it.

after few years in one night journey from Malacca back to KL just me and him,without fail hes gain

opportunity to tell me about Lord. For the rest of the journey.this is the 1st time I really listen with whole my heart.

on the same night around 1am after my shower I recap back what Mr Mah told me along the journey regards The Lord.

and I smile a little close my eye put my hands togather and said Lord if ur real pls show me something/anything during my nap.

and mirically I dream I im now in a child form a white man on white robe with long hair come all

the way from the sky and hold my hands we just fly upwords the sky.

that was the 1st and the most wonderful things that happen to me.

To all readers pls bare in mind boss who schold you is the boss who want to uphold you to rise from bottom and become somebody in

ur life.not to makes ur life difficult.

and do remember Lord is the only Lord can hear you and help u.always acknowledge his presence and always ask.

because hes the Lord of Loard,Kings of Kings.

Therefore God Bless every one who read this….

Take Care
Benny Miji