Bihzhu Foo

We're most afraid of embracing our own greatness.

It had been a whole year since I wrote any new music and my old fears and doubts of 'not being good enough' started resurfacing until I attended a spiritual retreat in Sydney in January 2014 where during a workshop on dreams the facilitator said "You know what we're most afraid of? We're most afraid of embracing our own greatness."
That resonated so strongly with me that later as I was sitting in the park, the words and melody for "Bright Veins" just started flowing through me, and the song was born.
In the process of this creation, I realized that to be a pure channel for the Sound I had to embrace who I am at the moment, and have an open heart, ready to let love come through.
I strongly feel that my life's calling is to be an instrument of love through music and as long as I am always clear about my purpose, then creation can happen, unencumbered by fear.
This song and video "Bright Veins" is a beautiful lesson that I learnt, in my journey to becoming a better person, and a better musician, and it's is simply The Best Of Me, at this moment, and I look forward to many such moments!
Bihzhu Foo