Bob Lee

透視 Insight

「透視 Insight」

Imagine the beautiful world that you and I live in… Now imagine it set in a flickering environment where Light is scarce and dwindling or where there’s a complete absence or total lack of it! In such an instance, our apprehension of the true nature of anything can only be made through our intuitive understanding or experiential association of it – whether we have had the privilege to see, feel and touch it.

But for many, their associated experiences are gotten only through what they hear, by someone, unlike them, who can see.

Insight《透视》is a photography expedition that pays homage to those who have lost their ability to see or born without that privileged. It serves to hone their sensory system – hearing, touching and feeling – so as to allow these individuals to penetrate their mental vision or discernment, and render the paintings in their mind into pictures as they click away.

This I feel is so that you and I can find meaning in their pictures (what they actually can’t see) and bear testimony to the subject’s integrity. For what cannot be framed and censored bears not only inner character but unadulterated truth. Through this, I believe we can learn to treasure the mundane we see every day - the fading landscapes and dying moments as the seconds tick – and learn to hear its heartbeat.
Bob Lee