Bojen Low

Rocks are like people. Each one is unique.

Life is a never-ending discovering and learning process.

I was born as an artist. I have known it since I was five years old. I learned to draw and paint by looking at my two elder brothers doing it. It becomes the passion of my life.

After graduating from Art College, I worked in a small publishing company for a while before it was closed down. After that, I worked as a freelance illustrator for few years. Life took a big turn on me, when I had to switch over to IT industry for some reasons. Since then, I was parted from art for about two decades. I played many roles from teaching students to use computer, perform sales, and even technical repair to networking. In the meantime, I met people from many other industries, where I learned bits of different knowledge from them. During this period of time, I also met my wife, who is also an artist working in IT industry like me.

But deep in my heart, I still dream to be an artist…

My journey back to art took place few years ago when my wife and I were looking for something art related to do as part time. That is when we bought the Rock Painting book by Lin Welford. It inspired both of us and we immediately bought some rocks from the nursery and tried painting them ourselves. I painted most of the animal rocks and my wife painted floral and bugs. When we produced quite a number of artworks, we decided to sell them. So, we joined our first craft market at One City in mid of 2015. This marked the beginning of our art journey.

Things worked pretty quickly, our artworks were covered in press, magazine & TV. These encouraged us to go further and make our art better.

Rocks are like people. Each one is unique. I faced the challenge. I found out that rock comes in many ‘unique’ shapes. Oval shape rocks, in particular, are very different and I didn’t know what to do with them. ‘Treat all living beings equal’ - a Buddha’s teaching that came to my mind at that time. I tried to make all these unique rocks into beautiful artworks. After many trials and errors, I managed to paint rocks into different kind of animals according to their shapes and soon became fond of 3D rock painting art.

Rock painting did not only bring me back to art, it connected me to people everywhere. I met new friends who share the same passion with me. They are from all walks of life and we love art.

My art journey is just the beginning. I am glad that I did not stop to pursue my dream to be an artist, no matter how long it would have been taken. I will work hard to bring the best out of me and give the best to my family.
Bojen Low