I lost someone that I loved so dearly.

What happened was, I lost someone that I loved so dearly. This person,left me broken and hurt. My world revolved around this person so much that I was at a lost when this person left. In the beginning, I was crying everyday. But my parents, especially my mum she purposely said some stuff that she knew will hurt me. She wanted me to be hurt so that I will wake up from this and face the reality. 2 of my secondary school friends were so worried that I will do silly things that they came to my block at night to talk to me. One of my best friend(ah liang), although he is very busy with his work, he never fails to check in on me. My poly best friend(lg) knew I don't have much appetite, tricked me into eating and introduced nice bingsu to me. Poly boss, sacrificed gym time to talk sense into me. I am really thankful and grateful that during my most difficult moments, they were all there for me. Thus a big SHOUT OUT to my parents, my secondary school friends, ah liang, poly best friend(lg), poly boss,aussie girl, small eyes guy, aussie guy, rw colleague. They are the reason why I am still able to smile and go on in life. They are also the reason why although I am still hurting, I can still smile and explain to the public the beauty of this exhibition. Because I sincerely hope that there will be someone out there that will look out for them, shine a torch into their darkest period. Lastly, because they didn't give up on me, I didn't give up on myself that is why I am able to pursue what I want in life. This is the best of me!
Carol Eng