My fiancé.

Who inspires me? When I was asked this question, there are many people who come to mind. Along the way, there has been those near and dear to me or even role models who I've looked up to.

However, there is this one person that has come into my later part in my life for past eight years who plays a crucial role, who is my fiancé. He is currently thousands of kilometers away from me, but he feels the closest to me as he knows me inside out. He is one of my biggest supporters in all the arts that I do. Although I was at my lowest point and doubting myself, he was the one person who persistently believes in me. He exemplifies what he stands for as well as he practices his dance and photography passion, winning medals and always wanting to improve his craft. This in turn inspires me to want to better myself always.

For that, I am thankful and will continue to bring out the best in me.
Caryn Koh