Multiracial isn't an excuse in order to build a friendship.

I'm 19 years old and was born in the year of 1999. My parents are both pure Iban. Although my ancestry are all Iban, but we do marry other from different races. Talking about multiracial, I now further my study at Kuching Polytechnic Sarawak, Malaysia. I befriend with a lot of people that come from different races, religions and background. I especially have a lot of Bidayuh friends but they are come from different area in Kuching. For example, Padawan, Serian and Lundu. They also talk in different dialect and I can only understand certain words that were spoken by them. I try my best to speak with them in Sarawak Language that sometimes I will have to speak in English with them. It is because I can't speak Sarawak Language very well. But, I'm so grateful because they are all very fluent in speaking Iban Language. So, it's not that hard for us to communicate with each other. We gather as one and sometimes it feels like we have known each other in a long period of times. This have proven that multiracial isn't an excuses in order to build a friendship.
Catherina Sunggau