Catherine Chong

Turning Challenges Into A Meaningful Learning Cycle

Challenges are part of the interesting elements in our life. Everyone needs to face it either accept or ignore it.
I accept any challenges with an open heart. Of course, I didn't deny that I will defend myself first before I accepted it. It is the nature inner me of how I respond to challenges.
One of my superior told me that workplace challenges are like work hazardous. I totally agreed with this statement. When I face difficulties, I will analyse it and make some reflection to see whether there is any similar cases before. By doing this, I can decide wiser steps to move forward and overcome that difficulty.
Although it is easy in saying, in fact, it is really hard to get into that. Peer encouraging and sharing is indeed helpful in this kind of situation. Listening to others opinion also guide me and help me in overcoming those difficulties that came across in my daily life.
I really thanks to all my friends who are surrounding me that always help me and encourage me. One of the experience speaker shared that whenever we believe stress is good for us, we will be benefited from it. In other word, positive thinking make us moving towards betterment.
I also believe that whatever we do is came from the God's will. He lends me help at any time at anywhere.
The situation of overcoming challenges is an meaningful learning cycle in life. It will be going on and never end so that a person can become what he or she got to be... to a better person....
Catherine Chong