Home Herbal and Rose Garden

Always have a passion for plants, rose, jasmine, betel leaves, basils peppermint, mexican mint.
Growing them along with my existing plants such as red palm and bamboos have added more morning cheer to my front poarch. Its release of oxygen as a by product adds on the needed health benefit of the surrounding. I see it as a contribution to health within my community. My roses during the blooming seasons , decorates my alter in the evening, of which are then boiled with water and consumed. The numerous health benefit of drinking rose tea that i have enjoyed, this include natural detox, increase good bacteria that helps with digestive system, and promotes healthy skin. Besides roses, basils, betel leaves and mints planted in pots have been a natural remedy for mild fever cough and flu. Noted that it takes less than 2 days to recover with basils and mint or with betel leave and basils for mild health symptoms. Just soak them in boil water and drink or add tumeric for better effect. Been more than a year being free from cough, flu and fever wt the benrfit of this plants. Am also working on a community garden, where we have planted coconut, bsnana and drum stick trees.
We have lots of green, and will continue to pamper them.

CDevi KN Samy