There is no restriction to nature.

My childhood years were a little different, mostly filled with visiting fish farms, catching spiders, studying insects and learning the art of aquascaping and fish breeding. I was a little outcasted back then and honestly had no complains when I didn’t get to own PlayStations or gadgets and I didn't asked for it either. I enjoyed being busy after school watching fishes and visiting hobbyists’ houses to learn more. It was always nature over the gadgets. As I grew older, being in the creative for many years as a designer, I was always finding ways to fuse together two of my greatest influences in life – nature and art; through unconventional ways.

Working with nature feels so organic and peaceful. I guess for me, working with them is almost the same as painting, where time and patience is devoted to it. It helps me to take things slow in this fast-paced society and taught me to be a little more patient, to be a little more appreciative of life and there's a need to spend time on doing things that I like.

MOSSINGARDEN started from the love of Mother Nature of a true-blue urbanite. Seeing that we sometimes unknowingly brush aside the innate need to connect with nature, MOSSINGARDEN hopes to instill a balance of nature and beauty within the everyday concrete spaces we’re surrounded by.

Singapore itself is already surrounded with beautiful nature, we're very very lucky to be able to be seeing plants almost anywhere we go, not many countries have that kind of privilege. I guess sometimes we're too focused on our everyday life's work where we almost forgot to look around and be more appreciative of what's around us.

I guess we have limitations in spaces we're living in, a little like Japan or Hong Kong. Many people often think that plant's can never survive in our homes, maintenance is high but if you learn about it, nothing is impossible. Furthermore, plants I feel, is one of the cheapest decorations one should get. (I wouldn't recommend fake plants though, there will be no meaning if you can't see life, death and rebirth and it traps dust. Don’t be lazy. Study about them and you'll get there, even I am still learning about them.)

There is no restriction to nature. That's something I like about it. Plants cater to anyone and anyone can enjoy them.
Charles Loh