Charmaine Yee

Good things do go round.

As a child, my dad always said my quick witted nature would either get me into trouble or get me a job. Still not sure about the former but thank God he was right about the latter.

Now I'm a radio and TV presenter and an event host. Sometimes... I don't actually know who is listening or watching.

People listen to me on Kiss92FM, watch me on Fox Sports Asia or attended events I have hosted. When it comes to presenting, I speak into a microphone or into the camera and sometimes broadcast from a studio with no windows.

This is all together frightening, exhilarating but also brilliantly magical. This is where I connect with people but, here's the real deal: it's where I get to connect people with people.

People send me messages on Facebook, SMS-es to Kiss92, or comment on my instagram. So many of them are messages of love. A romantic message for a boyfriend at work, a song dedication to cheer up a friend lying in the hospital, or a boss thanking his team on air.

I am so privileged. Every time I receive one, I am reminded that I am in a position to make a positive change in someone's life - through something small: speaking for a couple of minutes, grant a dedication or a shout out?

Good things do go round. It goes a full circle and really hits me when viewers tell me that a joke I cracked up over made their sports news fun, or that my afternoon show helped with a monotonous day at work.

Spreading this happiness through tiny gestures, giving someone a virtual hug over the airwaves is not a right I've earned, but a privilege I've been given.

These are the people that bring out the best in me. These are the people that, with a little help, bring out the best in themselves. These are the people that remind me to always be silly, be kind and be weird.

Because there's really no time for anything else.
Charmaine Yee