Chelvi Ganesan

She's one of the most special individual I have ever met.

She's one of the most special individual I have ever met. My junior at University, and we met again when we were posted at the same school in the year 2007. Excitement filled our hearts as we saw familiar faces, far from our own home.
She's also a very dedicated educator who puts he heart and soul in transforming the lives of her students.
One of her favourite food? Roti canai! Every time she asks the waiter for sugar, to be added into her 'dal' to eat with her roti canai, I would be basically 'yelling' at her.
Being a Muslim, she never once doubted food I cooked for her. She knew I understand the concept of halal and that I would prepare her food just as she liked it. Oh, and yes she craved for 'muruku' once.
Every Friday, we would go to the nearest Aeon, to release stress by eating ice cream. That would be one of our memories, unforgettable.
Once we transferred, as she went to her hometown Kelantan and I went to Penang , we still kept in touch. She even visited me few months after my husband passed away. Her laughter, jovial character always made me happy.
Due to our busy lifestyle and distance, we never could meet. So , after 5 years on my way back from Pulau Perhentian, I amde sure I will allocate time to meet her. I still remember how she jumped excitedly, not even ready to let me get down from the car. But once I was down, she gave me the tightest hug I ever received in many years. We chatted and chatted and chatted, and laughed all the way.
5th June 2016 ended up to be the last time I met her, and heard her voice.
Suddenly, one day her husband sent me a message mentioning how she had suddenly fell ill and had been admitted to the hospital. Within a few days, she was already in an unconscious state and was in CCU.
I cried. On 10th October 2016, just months after meeting her, as I parked my car; I cried when one of our cmoon friend told me that my best friend, was no more around.
I cried, with no words to console myself, as I recall all of my sweet moments with my best friend, Waheeda Sowi.
Thank you for always being there for me.

Chelvi Ganesan