There is nothing better than the warm feeling called love.

This is a picture of paus found in the Toh Payoh area. It may seem like a simple thing to walk down from your house to get food, but recently, having done volunteering by myself (doing food delivery), I come to realise it is not as easy. Some of the elderly I deliver food to can barely walk due to their old age or illnesses. As such, they need to be taken care of. I hope to spread awareness for these individuals, that they need our help, and we too can do our part, even if it's just delivering food :)

If you are looking for the incentive of this, there is only one, the warm feeling of the elderly saying thank you to you. You could have gotten a job elsewhere for the same actions, in fact with monetary incentives. However let me remind you that there is nothing better than the warm feeling called love.

National Day is coming up and I do hope that we will at least take this time to see what we can do for our society. Look around us, I'm sure there are plenty to do :)
Chen Xi Lim