Cherie Chan

Try one day to feel how does the single mother suffer.

I want to say thanks to the god who gave me a girl who is so thoughtful child as every night before our bed time, she will follow my actions eg.cover blanket, kiss her on forehead and say good night, I love you. I choose to born her out and it is also my choice.

As the employer always says young and single mothers will always take leave when their child is sick, and I found it too ridiculous to say that to the young single mother. Those employer are too selfish without thinking for others how they feel.
Just try one day you will feel how does the single mother suffer, that’s ten times more than you think.

It’s not easy task as you think to be a mother who must be there when your kid has a fever etc, when they refuse medication, there’s when you will found it a headache.

I know this is my life and my path that I chose, so I won’t blame anyone in this world. I just want the employer to please understand what people are feeling and not to be selfish people in this world. It’s simple, hope those employers can really use their own mind and think, do you think that being a single mum is easy life? Think twice about it. I am saying all from bottom of my heart. I didn’t mean to insult any companies or employers, just hope you guys can understand this is natural human life.

If there’s next life again, I would choose back her to be my child again. Carissa Goh Ngen Xuan, mummy would like to tell you mummy will always be there for you no matter what happens to you, as I am your only mother who you gonna spend your life with.

So I promise you, what I had promised, I will try my best to get it for you. So hopefully, I will get the chance to bring you to Hong Kong next year in the month of March, that’s when my birthday and we go Hong Kong with gong gong and po po.

I want to thank my currently employer who knows I’m a single mother and taking care of my kid. You are really a good employer among those who I worked with. I appreciate what is given by you all.
Cherie Chan