Chew Song Kee

Each person's experience is different.

There are many things which cannot be expressed in just words, each person's experience is different, so I used my own (past) as the basis of creation to express the story I want to tell.
At first I was indecisive about the style I'm going after for a long time, in the end, I chose a rough messy sketch style to create this artwork.
After decided on the art style, I wander around the city Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia looking for interesting things as inspirations. After a few days of exploration, I chose a photo of a street artist as a reference to begin with.
I tried several paper texture as well as style for the next week, at the same time improve the work continuously with the help of lecturer, among which encountered many problems, because my skill is not yet mature, in the beginning the lighting was not dealt with properly, and thus a lot of time wasted on amending it. The materials used easily get messy, so everyday after a break need some time cleaning up.
After several improvements, the sketch was scanned into the computer for editing and color. Later during the post-processing I unfortunately was in a busy state at that time. I had to ask lecturer let me do the final modification in class to show the best of the work.
Although there are some small setbacks, I'm very glad to be able to show my thoughts to everyone, thank you.
Chew Song Kee