When can I ever see sunshine?

I have been overwhelmed with sadness many months ago. It was through WhatsApp message saying that the person is interested in buying my old watches. Instead of giving 35k to, I was scammed of 7.702k. The person kept on asking me to give another rm750 so that I can get the money and deliver the goods. I was very down hearted as my money has been gone. The scammed amount could do me a lot of things, yet that person got the hold of me and dared to demand more. Had she sympathised me? I still keep the conversation but it drives me to nowhere. It drains my energy as no one cheers me up. Everyday I feel useless. The only thing I can do is wishing my money back in other form. I also feel like changing jobs but what can I do to survive in the new job as I have a history of changing jobs. Really what can I offer to the new employee. My life is never smooth-sailing. Sadness prevails. When can I ever see sunshine?
Chien Chien Chong