Chin  You Wei

The best of me is myself.

The best of me is myself because I don’t have a person that I draw inspiration from. The happenings around me inspire me to become who I am. I change my working style and personality to achieve goals better. I’m currently in NS but I feel that it’s irrelevant. I can’t speak for the whole of NS but for me, I find that our superior will react by pushing for something that’s not feasible. That’s one area we can improve on. In NS, we have a hierarchy, a rank system that we follow. We have to follow orders but sometimes, what they think and conceptualize may not be the best for us. I believe this is the way it is for working environment in the future for me. So NS has kind of helped me and changed my working style to think about what my instructions will mean for the people instead of just trying to hit the quota.

There’s a lot of things that bring me down. Sometimes, I would run away from them. If it could be dealt with properly then I would. That’s the most logical thing to do if something crops up – either remove the source or deal with it. Or change the way you look at the challenge.

I feel like my thinking is a bit unorthodox. If there are people out there who are like-minded like me, I would tell them to draw inspiration from within themselves. The world around you is going to respond to your changes. Don’t rely on anyone else, no one is going to help you.
Chin You Wei